Making a decision to get a Vasectomy


I follow a set of vloggers on YouTube and it already became my habit to watch new vlogs before I go to sleep. A few nights ago, I was able to watch a recent video made by one of the couples I follow. The guy revealed that he just got a vasectomy!

It was my first time hearing that kind of surgery and thanks to google as I was able to understand what vasectomy is. It says that it’s a permanent birth control for men. How does it happen? Well, the doctor will need to cut or seal something from the “you-know-where” of a man. Once it’s sealed, the sperm count will eventually drop to 0. Since the sperm can no longer leave the body, egg won’t get fertilized thus no pregnancy can happen.

After knowing what the surgery was, is it hard for guys to make a decision to get that surgery? I was surprised that there were already a lot who got a vasectomy and mostly are just in their early 3o’s!

I just hope that they have thoroughly thought of the pros and cons of having it before making a big decision. If you only want it for the purpose of “family planning”, there are other options on how you can have it without permanently “altering” something from “you-know-where” and then eventually regret it.

What I have written here is just my own personal thoughts about vasectomy and I don’t have any intention or whatsoever to criticize those who have done it.



Is being Single at the age of 33 alarming?


It’s normal for a girl in her teenage years to feel attracted to the opposite sex. Even if you are a conservative girl or a shy girl, you will at a point get attracted to someone from the opposite sex and you can’t avoid it.

I can say I was raised in a “little” conservative environment. My family expects me to do well in school. My mom always reminds me and my sister to study well as we’re being compared to our older cousins who are already doing well in their careers. I am not a “nerdy” type of student but just an average who behaves well in school.

With the way I was raised, I grew up always being careful of my actions. I always worry about what others will say to me if in case I make a mistake or did something unexpected from me by the people who knows me. I only have girls in my circle of friends as I was too afraid to get close to a guy. Because of that, I find it hard to make friends or even approach boys.

I was already in College when I started to somehow “flirt” with guys. Those are the days when I am already given more “freedom” by my parents (hahaha). I already experienced dating guys but I can’t still have a boyfriend until I am done with school.

After finishing College, I started working away from our province. I had a place of my own away from my family. That’s were I completely enjoyed my freedom. But before my mom allowed me to work away from home, there’s still this constant reminder for me to always be careful in meeting people especially guys. I can say I am a late bloomer when it comes to relationship. I had a boyfriend at the age of 21. It lasted for about 4 years. I even introduced the guy to my family and it was ok with them. I even thought of wanting to settle down with the guy already but my parents said that it’s still too early. Sadly, our relationship ended.

I moved on and got a new job. I focused on my work. Time goes by, I made some “flings” but did not enter into a serious relationship.┬áThe “flings” stopped and I was just happy being single and free. But when I reached 31, that’s when I started to feel lonely and wanted to have a partner in life. I started to look for a partner but no one came and so I just decided to “wait” for the my “right” guy but still no one came.

Last year, when I was 32, I felt like I am running out of time. My friends are all settling down, most of them already have children and they are happy and contented with their life. I started to ask questions like: Is there really someone out there for me? Will I end up being an old maid? Will I be growing old alone and lonely? I began to join some of the online dating sites to check my luck. I have met some but none of them are serious enough and decided to stop.

Now that I am 33, I don’t know what will happen. Sometimes I am thinking of a back-up plan like adopting a child if in any case I will grow old alone. ┬áBut I still want to met someone who I can be with, share my feelings, experience things like traveling together, doing our hobbies together and other stuff.

I am not sure if being a single woman at the age of 30-ish is a trend nowadays because I still have some friends from work having the same dilemma. Should I be worried or not? Well hopefully we can meet Mr. Right soon!

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